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Depop has become a shopping empire for the social media generation. We’re so used to scrolling through instagram and finding aesthetics we like that having an app where you can essentially shop your aesthetic has changed the game. The easy to use app allows you to buy quickly and easily and you can like items to basically create a digital mood board.

The 90s nostalgic look is the biggest trend amongst Gen Z at the moment and Depop feeds off this. Depop is like the instagram version of eBay - you buy and sell used goods or brand new items. The great thing I think about Depop is that its a great way to find nice vintage pieces so you don’t have to sift through charity shops trying to find a steal, because someones done it for you. I admire the people who have managed to massively profit off Depop as it takes a lot of time and effort to become successful at it, if you can say that about an app. I guess its like instagram, if you know how it really works and what people want then you've won really. It’s also a great platform for young aspiring designers as they can sell their home made goods all around the country and create business for themselves.

I read in Dazed how “Depop’s fans are digging for vintage that’s never been vintage before, which means brands like Kookai, Bay Trading and Jane Norman have been elevated from noughties wasteland relics to Depop gold dust” and I don't think I could’ve put it better myself. People are going crazy for anything that looks fresh out the 90s/00s - looks like low rise jeans, crop tops, bum bags, cargo trousers are the things you see on every page. One thing that does annoy me however, is that some people are finding basic vintage designer items and selling them as if they're brand new from 2018 - Depop is supposed to be for students and young people who don't follow fashion norms aka they don't have a lot of money so don't charge stupid amounts.